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Our Firm

ShamayevLaw, P.A. was established in 2015. We serve local communities regardless of their national backgrounds. ShamayevLaw, P.A. is not only a law firm but also a brand meaning we strive to have our name recognizable and respected. ShamayevLaw’s signature under a legal document is a stamp of quality that guarantees due diligence and professionalism. A good reputation in a legal field is of a high importance. However, for ShamayevLaw “good” is not enough; we aim to achieve greatness. Our energy, motivation, and flexibility are the ingredients that make our work stand out. ShamayevLaw is proud to provide great legal services and solve your problems as our own. We possess profound research and analytical resources and skills. We truly believe no problem is complex. ShamayevLaw’s goal is to develop an individual and unconventional approach that will make your legal issue understandable and easy. Our firm has ethical attitude towards other professionals and their clients as well. As such, we perfectly deal not only with you but also with your opponents. We are convinced that Rule of Law is the greatest achievement of Democracy and a strong tool that protects our society from chaos and anarchy. With this belief, we represent you and zealously fight for your rights.

Our Logo

ShamayevLaw Logo As a representation of our quality work, we chose to have an African Grey as our company’s logo. Such selection was made based on some scientific facts about this bird. African Grey Congo is a parrot that habituates in central Africa. Its main color is grey, however, the tail and udertail coverts are bright red. African Grey may live as long as 60 years. Numerous behavioral experiments and research have revealed African Grey is extremely intelligent. African Grey parrot is known to be creative and capable of learning over 100 words; it is able to differentiate between objects, colors, materials, and shapes. In relationship to humans, African Greys act independently and demand respect. It has been widely recognized as an academic bird. ShamayevLaw chose to have this bird on its logo to symbolize intelligence, wittiness, independence, and respect. Grey and red are the colors of our firm. We are bright among the grey! As such, we don’t just do – we create.